I can’t stop loving… Christmas…

Hi everybody,

As I promised in my last post, I’m going to talk about Christmas this week.

I know, very predictable, but come on, it’s a non-sense to have a consumer blog and don’t talk about Christmas one month before it comes.

Furthermore, in three words, I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

There’s nothing I can do, I love all its aspects, the lights, the gifts, the food, the big dinner with my family, the consumerism, the Coke’s television commercials, the snow, Santa, the Christmas’ movies and of course the carols.

home alone miracle_on_34th_street TUTTI_INSIEME_APPASSIONATAMENTE

It is against my values not to write a post about it. I’ve been waiting for this moment from September. So, let’s start!

I don’t need a scientific article to get aware that Christmas can actually affect consumers’ choices, anyway, I read some papers about that and I was really stroked by a particular one. In this article, “The Impact of Television Advertising on Children’s Christmas Wishes”, the authors underline how Christmas commercials can actually influence children’s Christmas wishes.

lettersforsanta2 letters lettera santa

In order to demonstrate this hypothesis, the researchers ask children about their favourite gifts and then, they check if the brand of the products is broadcasted during Christmas time and how many times it appears on a screen. The results show that the more requested brands are the ones that are frequently broadcasted. So, Christmas adverts are really effective, especially on children.  Principally, the younger ones and those who watch more television.

This is only a first instance about how powerful Christmas is for the consumers.

In another piece of work, by Spangenberg, Grohmann and Sprott (2005), there is a typical Emma’s behaviour well explained: to choose the retails that are playing carols. The authors try to measure the effect of implementation of the Christmas music and scent among Consumers. They take, as independent variables, the music and the atmosphere caused by the smell. On the other hand, as the dependent variable, they examine the costumer’s consideration of the retail store, its environment and its merchandise.The researchers find out that the consumers change their way to evaluate the shops leaded by the congruency between the music and the scent shops. So, if the shoppers are able to create a congruent atmosphere in their retails, make music and perfume linked with the Christmas spirit, they will get much more costumers.

xmas-shops__20121020_16-24-11 christmas-decorations-beat-the-bustle-christmas-shopping-stays-in-covent-garden debenhams

This article nudges me to focus on Christmas Music in particular.

As I explain in my last blog, music is an important element to use in order to make people more involved with the advertisements (Kellaris, Cox & Cox, 1993). Actually, it has loads of effects, even on consumers’ attitude towards shops (North et al., 1998).

As the Entertainment Media Research Ltd finds out, music is a very powerful tool for the advertisers and the retailers during Christmas holidays. As it states, in a study conducted among people from 15 to 54 years old, 95% of them prefer to make shopping in retails, which play Christmas music.

Furthermore, they prefer it even respect music that they already know. This can be explained with different reasons. First of all, Christmas music evokes joyful memoires linked with childhood and family in consumers. Secondly, these carols are famous worldwide; people, while singing these songs, share their emotions and happiness.

Thirdly, a study underlines that people are really attached with particular songs. In this other website,  there is ‘the top ten list of the most loved Christmas songs of the last decade’ shown. The top three songs are: 3- Fairytale Of New York by Pogues; 2-Last Christmas by Wham!; 1- All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey.

Actually, I’m not so in agreement with this evaluation, as a deepened Christmas lovers I prefer the older songs, the ones from the classical Christmas movies.

In conclusion, this piece of work finds out a really good point: even if the Christmas music could be divided into religious songs such as “O Come All Ye Faithful” or “Silent Night” and pop songs like “Jingle Bells Rock” or “Winter Wonderland”, during the Christmas holidays they are mixed together, they’re played, for example, in the same radio station. It seems like a strategy to discharge all the religious meaning from the songs in order to obtain a positive evaluation even from people who don’t believe in the Christian values.

Everyone could love Christmas.

In the same way, the advertisers always refer to Santa, Rudolph- the reindeer, or the Elves but never mention Jesus.

I know, it’s only a matter of commercialism, there’s nothing behind it.

… but no… I love it the same.

You can think of me as a naïve, superficial or just a childish girl, I don’t care.

Come on, don’t ruin so happy period just because you have to be sceptical and cynical.

Remember, even the Grinch starts to appreciate Christmas at the end.


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